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Anal is having a BIG moment right now. 2016 was the year of the rear, and we’re all about that. Maybe that’s why I keep hearing people asking about butt plugs and

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This is a continuing story. As always, all characters are over 18. * “You know Rob, I feel so blessed to see my babies have grown up to be who they are today.

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The quick guide to butt plug use, safety, cleaning and care. Written by a gay doctor for gay men and others interested in butt plugs and anal toys.

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Discover exactly what a butt plug is and why some find it so dam enjoyable. However, butt plugs are a sex toy that’s not for everyone, discover why inside.

Aug 24, 2016 · I really want to get fucked, but it hurt so much. I am thinking of putting in butt plug in the morning and leaving it in all day just to open things up.What say you?

Posts: 5 Joined: 4/10/2006 From: London Status: offline: i have always wanted to find a long term but plug. The only thing with ALL but plugs is that they have to

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Porn Movies by Tag: Butt Plug – Showing 1 – 36 of 92. Raven Bay flashed buttplug 80% 1 day ago | 6K | 1:15. Liza Rowe wearing butt plug 81% 10 months ago

To answer the question, “Can you wear a butt plug in public?” Full Transcript here: Hey guys, one of the questions that I’ve been asked is, “Can you wear a

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We just moved into a new neighborhood and we had been unpacking boxes and suitcases all morning. I decided to take a short break and popped some porn into my smart

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